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Rules of the Competition


Even though we do not like it, we have some rules. These rules cover almost everything. Please read them carefully and if you have any questions ask us. The general rules are applicable to all sites and there are some rules for NVE specific rules also. So if you are or want to be part of the NVE side of the competition, then the NVE rules will be in addition to the general rules.

General Rules

  1. Your web site may NOT have material, or links to material, that is grossly offensive to the Web community. This includes: blatant expressions of: bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity; promotion or display of: instructional information supporting illegal activities; this includes, but is not limited to, instructions for the building or use of weapons.


  3. Propagation of: "spam" e-mail and/or computer viruses, or any material that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties; Promotion of physical harm or injury against any group or individual; Your Web Pages may not contain, nor contain links to, any of the following: Hate propaganda; Anything illegal including, but not limited to, illegal software, warez or hacked software, serial numbers, mail fraud, or pyramid schemes; Material insulting, or that could be considered defamatory or libelous, to other persons, institutions or companies; Material that exploits children.


  5. As this is a web site competition, any site entered must contain more then 1 page. The pages must have content, not just pages with a graphic or picture on it. You may have galleries and link pages. Any graphic that is not your own, when ever possible must have a link to the place of origin. If you do not have the link, then a request such as "If anyone knows the owner of this graphic, poem, story etc., please email me with the info so I may add it to this page" must be placed with the item.


  7. Yes you may be in another competition and join this one as long as your other competition allows you to.

  8. You can have more than 1 site at Fantasy Leagues. You can work for Fantasy Leagues (please do) and compete in our competition or any other competition.

  9. You are allowed to vote twice a day per site per ISP. This has been the way we've been working so please do not ask us why we have this :)

  10. You must provide a link to Fantasy Leagues with the banner that is sent to you. You are expected to self vote at least 2 days in a week in the team levels and all days in the upper levels. Even though this might seem silly but self voting shows us that you are interested in our competition.

  11. You are encouraged to be a part of either Web Leagues, Fairy Musings and Mystical Meadows or all of them as these competitions are the constituent competitions for our Fantasy Leagues. Each of these competitions own a team on each side (VE and NVE).

NVE Side Specific Rules

  1. Being in NVE means No Vote Exchange by any means.

  2. You are NOT ALLOWED to place your vote links in VE Boards.

  3. You can have a site that is in other VE competitions and their links in VE Boards, however if you are in our NVE side of the competition you cannot put our vote link in a VE Board.

  4. You can ask your personal friends to vote for you on the NVE side through email. HOWEVER you cannot ask your VE friends to vote for you. You can only request votes and not exchange. This means your friends should not be obliged to vote for you, they only vote for you because they want to.

  5. You can belong to both VE and NVE side of the competition, but not with the same site.

All NVE rules are IN ADDITION to the General Rules.




Fantasy Leagues is founded and owned by Amaranthine, Alice, Aleid and Boomboom

© Copyright 2010 onwards - All rights reserved

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