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How this Competition Works


We are a very simple competition. In this page we will list how the competition works and what all ways you earn points.

General Format

  1. All competitors start at the qualifying level in their team. All members must self vote at least 2 days during the week in order to advance to the team level. You will have 3 weeks to qualify after which you will be disqualified from the competition and you can rejoin again.


  3. At the team level, every competitor must self votes at least 2 days during the week failing which they wont advance even if they have a winning score. The top 2 winning scores who have self voted required number of days will advance to our Semi Finals. Failing to self vote minimum 2 days will make your site go back to Qualifying Level.


  5. At the Semi Final level, during normal weeks (when we have more than 2 competitors) the top 2 winning scores who have self voted ALL DAYS during the week will advance to the Final Level. During weeks when we have only 2 competitors, only the top score will advance. All other sites go back to their Team Level.


  7. At the Final Level, the site winning 3 weeks in a row will retire for our Site of the Year. Of course you need to self vote ALL DAYS during the week. If a site has won 3 times in a row during a week, then the 2nd placed site in the last week will stay and try again in the subsequent week. Losing sites go back to their Team Level to try again.

Bonus Points

  1. For self voting, you will get 2 points daily added to your score.

  2. For cheering, you will get 2 points daily added to your score.

  3. When you are at team levels, if you answer the team newsletter you will get 5 points added to your score during the week. If you are at Upper Levels, you need to answer the main competition newsletter and earn 5 points during the week.

  4. Every week a Incentive Task will be posted. If you do that task, you will have 5 points added to your weekly score.

  5. Voting Rules


    2 votes will be allowed everyday per IP address.


    The competition will run Monday to Thursday every week. Each voting day will start from 12:00 AM US EST and go on till 11:59 PM US EST. The timings will be followed strictly and no exceptions will be made.


    The last week of every month will be closed for vacation.





Fantasy Leagues is founded and owned by Amaranthine, Alice, Aleid and Boomboom

© Copyright 2009 onwards - All rights reserved

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